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Short for "All Fucked Up". Meaning usually some thing or situation that is messed up, broken, disorganized, or failed.
We can't take my car, I got in a wreck and it's AFU.

After the earthquake the subway was AFU.
Beküldő: leshrack 2003. március 15.
Means "Almost Fucked Up"
Bob almost had a car crash
Bob: "AFU!"
Beküldő: CarlosG&JavierM 2008. április 15.
All Fucked Up
The directions for this project won't work; they're A.F.U.
Beküldő: CaseyOC 2008. október 5.
"All Fucked Up". When something has been totally messed up. Also see SNAFU
"After breaking his wrist, his pool game is A F U"
Beküldő: Matkowitz 2008. április 5.
It's an abreiviation for the phrase all fucked up.
When I burned my face off, the wound was afu!
Beküldő: Everythingzen 2015. február 27.
alt.folklore.urban, the parent site of snopes and a canonical place to check bogus internet stories.
Dude, Obama did not just sell the moon to China. You should check that shit on AFU before you forward it, eh?
Beküldő: BaronRidiculous 2011. július 23.
abbreviation; as fuck
It's cold afu *TRANSLATION* It is cold as fuck
Beküldő: Supasizedfry and The Boy Wonder 2005. május 19.
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