Means: Anything But Cool
You're so ABC I'm so ashamed to breathe the same air, lol!
Beküldő: Noelleybellyboo 2007. március 27.
abc - the name of various state-run liquor stores throughout the United States.

abc is synonymous with "always be closing," since liquor stores keep short, inconvenient hours.
"Hey, did you go pick up some liquor at the abc?"

"Nah, they were closed, you know how they are, always be closing."
Beküldő: blahblah12 2006. szeptember 28.
A.B.C is an acronym for Ass out, Boobs out, Chin out.
Ew! Look at Brittany she totally sits A.B.C. for guys will look at her.
Beküldő: Jae 2005. április 21.
Ass Ball Connecter- the area between your scrotum and your asshole- see also taint grundel gooch
damn my ABC is itchy
Beküldő: mookeystank 2004. november 9.
Always Bill Clinton!!!
ABC is a left wing facist channel
Beküldő: GWin04 2004. július 15.
Ass Ball Connecter
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. június 1.
The participants of a three some. Male and Two Females.
Said by A: "B AND C, Come here now and suck my Cock" ABC
Beküldő: KayBay-Be 2010. január 14.

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