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50 centz son, was on VHI celebrity kids
reporter: whatz ya sonz rap name 50?

50: 25 cent datz ma boi
Beküldő: 50 gurl 2006. május 28.
Associate Producer on the Bubba the Love Spong show on Sirius Sat. Radio Channel 101, Only Black Man On Show
25 cent come down to the studio.
Beküldő: mdfmk 2006. szeptember 16.
n. What Haitians always offer to you when they are trying to buy something from your garage sale
Haitian: How much for this lamp?
You: Umm, 5 dollars.
Haitian: How about 25 cents?
Beküldő: pornopornolalalalalala 2008. szeptember 20.
half the crap and half the rap.
yo just wanna be like 50'! o yea nigga? cut the 25 cent bitch!
Beküldő: 2PACDRDREEMINEM50 2003. május 29.
underground rapper who wants to be jus like his hero 50 cent
25 cent BITCH! aka 2 dimes and a nickel
Beküldő: JEW 2003. március 24.