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A first year law school student.
My friend is a 1l at Harvard Law School.
Beküldő: Jay the Great 2005. december 20.
Someone who might have been cool last year, but this year is consumed with talking about cases, grades, and a class rank that doesn't exist yet.
"The library is full of 1Ls. I'm glad I'm not a 1L!"
Beküldő: jessmichelleandyryan 2007. március 8.
The first and longest of numerous acts of hazing required to enter the law profession.
That 1L gunner took my favorite study carrel at the lawbrary.
Beküldő: 1L of a Creep 2013. május 14.
A first year law student.
That 1-L isn't going to make law review unless Sandra Day O'Connor comes in and takes his final for him.
Beküldő: Lou Stenspayce 2003. december 15.
A first year student in law school whose time consists of drinking coffee, going to class, studying, reading cases, not sleeping, drinking more coffee, making outlines instead of just downloading them from, drinking more coffee, briefing cases...
John is a 1L, that's why he still briefs cases he's assigned; he just doesn't know any better yet
Beküldő: Steve Saunders 2008. április 6.
short for Juanell, one of this world greatest humans, he who will chill in heaven with Christ and his farther GOD
thats 1L most awesome!!!
Beküldő: Cosmic Pope 2010. október 29.
An abbreviation of the words, "One love".
I love smoking weed man, it's my 1L!
Beküldő: ghostfacemarvin 2010. április 16.
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