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Beküldő: Anonymous 2002. október 18.
common mispelling of :)

dude: whats up
dude 2: nothin ;)
dude: ur gay
dude 2: no i meant :)
dude: oh alright nigga
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Beküldő: certifiedgigolo 2008. március 20.
a wink. 1) used when texting or on the computer to make things sexual or flirty. 2) Can also change the meaning of a word or phrase into somthing else.
"You're so damn cute ;)"
"Wanna do it? ;)"

girl 1: "what are you and Anthony doing tonight?"
girl 2: "homework."

girl 1: "what are you and Anthony doing tonight?"
girl 2: "homework ;)"
#;) #wink #texting #flirt #cyber
Beküldő: A1m2a1n4d5a1 2009. április 19.
1)your flirting
2)your a perv
3)your kidding
4)your trying to signal a giant zombie invasion.
1. I think you're hot ;)
2. Hey, wanna come over? ;)
3. I thought you were stuck up. ;)
4. They're coming! ;)
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Beküldő: harasna 2010. január 5.
adj: winkey face; used to hint that a nonsexual act is meant as sexual
wanna hang out in my room? ;)

send me a picture of you ;)
#;d #;p #;0 #;) #;v
Beküldő: the winky face master ;) 2010. január 1.
;)- Its like emoticon sex
Leanne: ;)
Richard ;)

Laura: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
#;) #richard #leanne #laura #wink
Beküldő: ooofty 2011. május 15.
Suggestive wink. Normally used to flirt or to annoy.
(In a chat)
Kristen: Truth or Dare?
Xavier: Truth
Kristen: Who's the prettiest person u know?
Xavier: I don't know u guess ;)

(in another chat)
Helen: Did you get that picture I sent you?
Jarred: you bet ;)
Helem: I hate you -_-
#;) #:) #;0 #flirt #annoy
Beküldő: SuggestiveWink;) 2010. október 24.
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