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Idiots who don't know how to use the semi-colon. A semi-colon, " ; ", is used to connect two main clauses.
A clause is a complete sentence you dumbfuckers; however, I wouldn't expect any of you dildos to know that.
Beküldő: Stormdyp 2004. november 7.
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a line-terminating character in many programming languages.
a = b + c;
Beküldő: dfjiefns 2005. március 22.
used EVERYWHERE by losers who think theyre cool.
i really think youre a bitch;
#loser #cool #semi #colon #everywhere
Beküldő: chilyyyyy. 2008. december 8.
The semi colon.

It is a punctuation mark.
Semi colon use.

English- joins two main clauses.
I was nervous about high school; getting lost especially terrified me.

Greek- indicates question.
Που είναι το μπάνιο ποιο κοντά από'δώ;
(Where is the nearest bathroom from here?)
#language #english #greek #semi colon #question #clause #grammar
Beküldő: grammargoblin29 2010. június 27.
A sweatdrop, circa 1990's+ anime, indicating embarrassment or mild exasperation.
A: Whaddyou mean you don't drink?! Drinking's my entire life! Y'gotta start drinking!! @@;;

B: ...Right on. --;;
Beküldő: FriedKitten 2003. október 10.
A special type of period used when you need your readers to think you're really smart.
Regular Version:
I went to school the other day. My classes were boring as they usually are.

"Smart" Version:
I went to school the other day; my classes were boring as they usually are.
#think #you're #better #smarter #pretentious #asshole
Beküldő: ttttttodayjjjjjunior1723 2011. június 14.
A semi-colon. Used in sentences where you can't decide whether to use a colon, or a comma. Most people will think you are an idiot for using the almighty semi-colon this way. The semi-colon is used in emoticons.
Used in sentences where you can't decided whether to use a colon; or a comma.
#;) #;p #d; #); #;o
Beküldő: BuhNana 2011. november 28.
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