hungry. you are even licking your lips--that's how hungry you are.
Matt: mm I just got some chicken
Big Momma: boy gimme somma dat! :d
Beküldő: MrOhyeahson 2011. július 25.
:D) Is a new smiley witch is a happy smiley with a double chin.
Man# Did you see the awesome pwnage on warcraft?
Woman# Yes you were the one that pwned me :(
man# :D)
Beküldő: Meesta Whiskas 2010. október 6.
A happy face commotion.
urban dictionary editor chat

catlover91: hi :D

someone: hi :)
Beküldő: spottedstar1123 2010. június 11.
a alternation of :D, and extra question mark gives it a look of slicked back hair, used for emoting coolness with a sense of humor ?:D
i just joined the mile high club ?:D
Beküldő: Rockcabbage 2009. június 10.
A sarcastic smile, "almost funny" Rumoured to be invented by the almighty Dane + Elevation of the Cockle Unit clan. Widely used all over the world.
I just shit my action man undies. ":D"
Beküldő: Daneyboyharvster2k9 2009. június 6.
the unholy definition of cancer. it's more common than common cold.
- :D
Beküldő: spongebob202red 2016. augusztus 28.
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