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1. means "I don't know" in French.
2. also one of three answers you give your French teacher when he/she asks you a question that you don't know the answer too or are just too lazy to answer. (the others being "oui" and "non")
M/Mme/Mlle whoever: "Qu'est-ce qui s'est passé dans les chapitres que tu as lu hier?"
Student: "Ehh...je ne sais pas...mais c'était très intèressant?"

("What happened in the chapters that you read yesterday?" "Eh...I don't know...but it was very interesting?")
Beküldő: vivelerockk07 2008. július 10.
when a female randomly bursts into tears or acts in an overly emotional way for no apparent reason.
-can be caused by PMS but not always.
-the female is required to not know the reason why she is crying or being over emotional for it to be classified as an estrogen attack.
Girl A- I was just randomly sitting in class taking notes, and I all of a sudden felt like crying. Wtf?

Girl B- That's called an estrogen attack hon.
Beküldő: vivelerockk07 2008. április 9.
another name for catnip. though crack may not exactly be the best drug to describe catnip, "kitty crack" has a better ring to it than "kitty pot" or "kitty acid", yes?
Oreo's acting crazy again...must've gotten into that kitty crack.
Beküldő: vivelerockk07 2008. április 8.
when a donut fest becomes extremely emotional and therefore acquires classic girl tendencies. Crazy girl hormones take over and the conversation turns to boys, feeling fat, being emotionally confused, etc. or a combination of two or more of these.
Last night at Sarah's house all of us started talking about our feelings...it was a total estrogen fest.
Beküldő: vivelerockk07 2008. április 9.
as seen in a bumper sticker on facebook in the phrase:
"so...we're both wearing jeans...wanna make out?"
when a makeout sesh is desired, but you want to be discrete about it, you say "so...we're both wearing jeans..." and wait for a response.
not many people are familiar with this term, so it may need some explanation.
hey ainslie...so we're both wearing jeans...

Beküldő: vivelerockk07 2008. április 7.
verb or noun. pronounced cockay blockay, this is "French" for cock block.
Usually used when someone near by is cock blocking or being a cock block. Due to the fact that a loud uttering of the word cock usually attracts attention, this "French" word is more discrete, and is less likely to offend the person being a cock block.
Can be used in other situations.
Sounds ridiculously stupid to people who don't take French. And to people who do.
I would've come over to talk to you, but i didn't want to cocker bloquer.
Beküldő: vivelerockk07 2008. április 5.
pretty much the spanish translation of "i like", made infamous by the sublime song "caress me down".
this phrase sounds cooler than "i like", so it is therefore acceptable to be used in everyday conversation, especially when complementing someone. spanglish is always a fun thing. =]

warning: any overuse of this phrase will become annoying to your peers, so use with caution!
me gusta mi reggae, me gusta punk rock pero la cosa que me gusta mas es...

duude...me gusta your pants!
Beküldő: vivelerockk07 2008. április 7.
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