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3 definitions by twoplank

republicans that aren't that smart, as in all of them
The retardlicans continue to be the party of no, rejecting all forms of American progress.
Beküldő: twoplank 2011. január 17.
When somebody does something so asinine that it puts their health and the health of their friends at risk. What at one time seemed like a perfectly wise and humorous exercise quickly unfolds into near traumatic meltdown of epic proportion. Think Darwin, but not in the sense of reproduction or evolution.
When driving down a perfectly beautiful mountain road, one decides that a sparsely cleared, treacherously rocky, pine-cone encrusted jeep trail to the right seems like a logical route for a Subaru Forester to explore at 60 miles per hour. Screeching brakes, 100ft skid, flailing arms, wailing voices, mountains of dust, and a pine cone later, the car is humbling and hysterically unloaded to replace the right front wheel because a pine cone sliced a 1-inch gash in the sidewall. This deserves a Watson Award for sheer stupidity that ultimately led to endless laughter and ridicule.
Beküldő: twoplank 2009. október 2.
1) The living ego boost we call facebook

2) A facebook addict's terming for facebook
1) After my birthday, i used narcibook to thank everybody for the birthday wishes hoping to persuade those who hadn't sent me a birthday wish yet would feel guilty enough to wish me happy birthday.

2) After my boyfriend sent me flowers for valentine's day, having my co-workers jealousy just wasn't enough. So i used narcibook to take a picture and then tell the world how wonderful my boyfriend is, make all my friends jealous, and feed my insecure ego. I must promote myself so my narcissism doesn't waver with my insecurities.
Beküldő: twoplank 2011. március 3.