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3 definitions by themagicalnegro

noun, British. Slang for equipment, especially weapons, load bearing gear, etc.
Make sure your kit's squared away. We're on the move in thirty mikes.
Beküldő: themagicalnegro 2011. augusztus 19.
47 19
An identifier denoting that the speaker doesn't play games
"Close your eyes, because you can't see me…I quit school because of recess, you fucking BG!"
-Snoop Dogg
Beküldő: themagicalnegro 2010. június 3.
10 6
Laughing my shirt off.
GUY 1 (after seeing a funny picture): LMSO! …laughing my shirt off.

GUY 2: Too bad you're not a buxom female.
Beküldő: themagicalnegro 2010. május 18.
1 3