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11 definitions by tereth

North American Man/Boy Love Association. They believe that it is perfectly natural for 30 year old men to have sex with adolescent boys. I believe they are sick, twisted bastards.
NAMBLA is NOT condoned by the gay community.
Beküldő: Tereth 2005. március 2.
458 144
A kick-ass band that rox my sox!!!! OFFSPRING PWNS nOObs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know, I should say no, but its kinda hard when she's ready to go, I may me dumb, but I'm not a dweeb, I'm just a sucker with no self esteem
-Self Esteem, Smash (1994)
Beküldő: Tereth 2005. március 12.
337 96
a hella awesome website with lots of and , HELL YEAH!
Since my parents installed a blocker on my computer, I always go to newgrounds to jack off.
Beküldő: Tereth 2005. január 24.
59 39
the termination of our linear existance
Damn my fish died ya hairy muthafucka
Beküldő: Tereth 2005. február 17.
17 8
when your computer is hella laggy so on online servers you so you can go killin everybody and their mother cause they won't be able to catch you
damn I was playin halo yestaday. It was lagalicious!
Beküldő: Tereth 2005. február 15.
5 5
When a - s a guy with a strap-on
Man, my ass hurts. My friend wrung me last night.
Beküldő: Tereth 2005. február 13.
3 3
a male human's primary genitalia
My yo-yo was bulging against my pants as I saw Sarah undress.
Beküldő: Tereth 2005. január 24.
5 16