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another name for switchblade
a very slim-bladed knife used by assasins
Beküldő: switch484 2005. február 8.
a knife with a blade that is realesed with the push of a button or lever, used by pimps and assasins everywhere.
the 10 inch one in my pocket
Beküldő: switch484 2005. február 2.
Assholes who kill other people for money
a tiny plaid ninja that will soon fight argyle
Beküldő: switch484 2005. február 3.
The job every guy wants, renting out and fucking hos
man, that guys a pimp
what? how many hos do he have?
15 man
Beküldő: switch484 2005. március 15.
makin money by beggin and hustlin
please can i have 5 bucks? no? gimme your wallet before i pull out my switchblade and cut some beef of your ass
Beküldő: switch484 2005. február 8.
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