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a substitution for dinner in the form of beer.
neal had pork chop in a can for dinner, he is such a lush.
Beküldő: stuart ivey 2008. március 4.
jacking to the internet sluts.
ken's mom caught him diddling to internet porn, everyone knows he's a cyberjacker.
Beküldő: stuart ivey 2008. február 26.
americas vagina.noun for a place called mexico.
dude don't go down on amgina
Beküldő: stuart ivey 2008. február 22.
another word for the male organ. dick.
he stuck his orifice tube into every orifice on her body.
Beküldő: stuart ivey 2008. február 27.
when giving sperm sample if can not ejackulate nurse shoves finger in your ass to expidite results
miss i just can't cum , its ok i'll just perform wacinduced ejackulation {IN} you hehe!
Beküldő: stuart ivey 2008. február 25.
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