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16 definitions by strong bad

awsome company for computer gear trust this company
Beküldő: Strong Bad 2003. május 10.
To burn something (ie peasants, knights, thatched-roofed cottages)using awesome dragon powers. Must have consummate V's and beefy arms!!!
"And all was laid to burnination."
Beküldő: Strong Bad 2003. április 17.
The best site you'll ever go to is It features Strong Bad and Homestar Runner. :D Mainly Strong Bad though, checking his email. is my favorite website ever!
Beküldő: Strong Bad 2003. április 14.
What a squeaky guy says while wearing a floppy disk on their head and squirting ketchup all over the computer
LEEKO LEEKO LEEKO! I'm a squeaky guy!
Beküldő: Strong Bad 2003. június 8.
A dirty word you can use to describe whatever you want. How's that for a definition, douche bag?
Lick my sacadouche, sacadouche.
Beküldő: Strong Bad 2003. május 9.
Aplicable to a news broadcast, but only in Strongbadia.
"Strong Badia Action News's investiga-awesome."
Beküldő: Strong Bad 2004. május 13.
The 1936 version of strong mad
-It looks like a caveman!
-no, its strong man
Beküldő: Strong bad 2003. július 5.