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32 definitions by stefan

To get a party or any event jumping.(originated in Memphis,Tn.)
This party is lame. DJ Spyder would have this thang crunk if he was there.
Beküldő: Stefan 2004. április 21.
9 28
a 7 th grader that looks like a rat with his gay teeth and he shits in his pants he talks like a fag and hes a pansy
rat child shit himself again
rat child in the middle of the street
rat child with a ferrari goin 165
rat child has no feet
rat child is bloody rat child is dead meat rat cild dead in the strreet
Beküldő: stefan 2004. május 22.
6 27
sacred name given to stephen kavanagh. Only close childhood friends may call him this. passed on from grandfather to father to stephen.
oi kav come over here!
Beküldő: stefan 2005. február 19.
18 99
Swedish Automobile Always Broken
My f***ing saab died on me again.
Beküldő: Stefan 2005. február 3.
119 270