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cooler way of saying sweet, used when extra siked about something
I'm getting some pussy tonight! Saweet!
Beküldő: snorgle 2003. november 18.
dough braided and baked to form the most kick-ass bread in the world
Challah hits the spot.
Beküldő: snorgle 2003. október 18.
One who acts as if they are a true fan of something when in reality they don't know much about it (i.e. bands, sport teams..ect)
-- Dave just got a Redsox hat and jersey. He must be a true fan.
-- No way dude. He's an idiot who doesn't know shit about the sox. He only did it cause they made the playoffs.
Beküldő: snorgle 2003. október 18.
phrase meaning "white brotha" and most commonly used by white kids who think their gangsta.
Wut up cracka lacka?
Beküldő: snorgle 2003. október 23.
sound made when you punch someone
Tyrone punched Jamal. dougjche
Beküldő: snorgle 2003. október 26.
phrase meaning "tell your mom i said hello"
Hey, Tyrone, word to your momma
Beküldő: snorgle 2003. október 19.
to wear
PJ was styllyn' that new shit from Rocawear.
Beküldő: snorgle 2003. október 26.
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