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3 definitions by smoothy-o

Akward, bad sex. Traditionally only occured in high school but has now taken over the world of the 20 somthing. Its terribly scary.
Cindy: How was Adam.
Meg: He jackrabbited me!
Cindy: Oh no! Not high school sex!!!!

Beküldő: smoothy-o 2005. január 16.
623 240
Pritty boys who are beefy, vain, do stripper dances at the club and think its hot, wear tight shirts.
Also possibly tan, use hair products, go to the gym to be looked at, have frosted tiped hair.
Look at those chauchy guys over there, they look more into themselves than that himboTrent.
Beküldő: smoothy-o 2005. január 16.
235 56
The male version of a bimbo.
He's hot but the conversation goes nowhere as he is a total himbo.
Beküldő: smoothy-o 2005. január 16.
280 110