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Something that is certifiably pornographic and also terrific.
That movie I saw you in the other night was totally Pornerific!
Beküldő: Shit_4_Brains 2007. november 5.
a way to describe something (or someone) that is very pornographic.
She is extremely Porniferous and raunchy, but a good lay anyhow though.
Beküldő: Shit_4_Brains 2007. november 10.
another word for shit.
You're all full of Shinga!
Beküldő: Shit_4_Brains 2007. szeptember 20.
Something that (or someone whom) has been made sexual or pornographic that might not have been originally.
Sex fiends broke into the art gallery and Pornified the art work with spray cans and permanent markers.

Sally used to be a good girl, but now she is all Pornified and slutty.
Beküldő: Shit_4_Brains 2007. szeptember 28.
Something so shitty and bad that is surely must've come from someone's nasty anus.
That show last night was completely Sphinctastic!
Beküldő: Shit_4_Brains 2007. november 5.
The amount of money that one can (or is willing to) spend on a piece of ass. One's budget for sex.
$4,000! Man, that Spitzer dude sure had one heck of an Ass Budget!
Beküldő: Shit_4_Brains 2008. március 24.
A way to describe anything that is rather pornographic, or at least suggestively so.
The sounds coming from your room last night were quite Pornacious, my dear. Were you using that new vibrator that I bought you, or is something else going on?
Beküldő: Shit_4_Brains 2007. november 5.

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