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the most innocent and lovely way of showing affection
dude, did you get some?
nah, man. but I got eskimo kisses. (boy smiles)
#kiss #affection #love #crush #hug
Beküldő: periwinkle1996 2010. október 3.
a hug for your lips
kissing is so lovely.
#love #friendship #greeting #hug #happiness #lovely
Beküldő: periwinkle1996 2010. október 7.
(adj.) often associated with people who possess style and class. gregory peck is a state of being, but must come naturally. one cannot strive to be gregory peck. one just is.
juliet: he looks so classy in his collar shirt and kakis.

kate: yeah, he is so gregory peck.
#classy #natural beauty #cool #suave #sharp
Beküldő: periwinkle1996 2010. július 23.
(adjective) in the state of being extremely cool and hip. often associated with people who are in on the latest lingo and styles. when someone is called faz, they can often be associated with being attractive.

(noun) someone who possesses style or flair. often associated with charismatic people.

(verb) if something is fazzed, or has been fazzed, it went out of style and they came back, or was lifeless or lame and then was changed in some way to make it cool.
(adj.) look at Greg. he's so stylish and cool. He is so faz.

(n.) matt: check her out. she's got some serious swag.
joey: yea, man, that girl has faz.

(v.) i'm so glad she fazzed up that sweater. before it looked hideous.
#cool #classy #stylish #hip #in #deak #swag
Beküldő: periwinkle1996 2010. július 21.
a day where everything you do turns into a mistake and all of your troubles come raining down on you all at once. a day such as this may give a person suicidal thoughts, but always passes by the next day.
hey man, how's your day?
dude, its a total blunderstorm.
#mistake #bad day #upset #wrong #blunder
Beküldő: periwinkle1996 2010. október 7.
a sprawl of fists where everyone chooses to generate their anger through violence. the term "fist fest" usually refers to a fight among young school boys.
dude! check it out! andy and tom are having a fist fest!
#fight #violence #arguement #bikkering #fist
Beküldő: periwinkle1996 2010. november 7.
a way to describe a dick-like female; similar to a bitch, and can occasionally characterize a slut or a whore.
person 1:dude, she fricking yelled at the art teacher.
person 2: wow, what a chick-dick.
#fake #bitch #whore #slut #dick #mean girl
Beküldő: periwinkle1996 2010. szeptember 25.
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