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powdered coke (as opposed to "hard" which is crack)
Nigga I need a 8ball of soft, and i aint waitin a minute!
Beküldő: nose 2003. április 24.
1/8th of a oz. of cocaine
I'm gettin a 8ball this weekend, I can't wait!
Beküldő: Nose 2003. április 16.
usually used by drug dealers, its their private stash, not the shit they sell you
I'm boys with Charlie so we smoked his head stash instead of the schwag.
Beküldő: Nose 2003. április 16.
to acknowledge
You betta recognize that im the fiercest mothafucka around!
Beküldő: Nose 2003. április 9.
a house (usually one in pretty shitty shape) where mad drugs are sold out of, and the kids who live there are mad ghetto lol
I got mad sketched out doin lines at the crackhouse!
Beküldő: Nose 2003. október 25.
can be a verb that means the same as "bounce" or just an expression like "goodbye"
Yo son this party is whack I'ma peace.
I gotta go to work - Peace
Beküldő: Nose 2003. április 16.
coked up
we were so yipped up last night we couldn't sit still!
Beküldő: Nose 2003. április 16.
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