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3 definitions by muttleydeed

Mispronunciation of "dub"--A "double dime" --two $10.00 quantities--of illicit drugs (usually crack). Refers also to one (single) $20.00 quantity of drugs.
Dude: Yo, set me up a dove.

Mon: You got the whole thing?

Dude: Yeah I got the twenty.
Beküldő: muttleydeed 2005. augusztus 11.
Ajective decsribing behavior. Usually implies that the behavior was impulsive, done without considering the consequences.
After Sarah insulted Jimmy he went off half-cocked about her haircut.
Beküldő: muttleydeed 2006. április 22.
Adulterant used to increase the bulk of illicit substances.
"The cocaine is not powerful enough. It contains too much whack and not enough product to satisfy the discriminating user."
Beküldő: muttleydeed 2005. augusztus 11.