4 definitions by mcbeasten

The feeling of completely being swagtastic and feeling pimped to the tenth power
john:yo last night i felt rispoli
Alex: dude your so right i hope that happens again
Beküldő: mcbeasten 2010. június 12.
a form of lol, except much funnier than anything that has happened that day
yo man i joke a funny joke
the one about the horse?
Beküldő: mcbeasten 2010. június 18.
the act of hardcore camping in a single area for an extended period of time
man would you look at this campon
i know right wehat is wrong with people
Beküldő: mcbeasten 2010. június 17.
hoooo maaa godddd
ohlordeyyy look at the size of her
Beküldő: mcbeasten 2010. június 15.

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