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4 definitions by mbh

A term for Canadians like "Yankee" to Americans. Comes from a WWI comic book called "Johnny Canuck" a Canadian soldier in the war. Also the name of Vancouver's NHL team
Canucks Rule!
Beküldő: mbh 2003. szeptember 22.
867 183
Originally a spanish word for rotten but used by adolescants to replace "sucks". Often follows mega.
Dude that is mega chungo.
Beküldő: MBH 2005. június 23.
19 16
A variation of Ultimate Frisbee. . .played while drunk
Fuck it. Lets down a 2-4 and play Frisbeer
Beküldő: mbh 2003. szeptember 22.
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A term used by Native Canadians as punctuation.
Lets go to the store anywayS
Beküldő: mbh 2003. szeptember 22.
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