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90 definitions by larry

1. female opening to the uterus
2. insult

1. I delivered a baby through my vagina after having sex with a man 9 months prior.

2. You sir, are a vagina.
Beküldő: Larry 2003. szeptember 9.
4018 2313
An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children.
synonyms: kiddy fiddler, priest.
Beküldő: Larry 2004. december 5.
1238 537
big penis
dirty girls can't get enough of lars.
Beküldő: larry 2004. február 12.
920 281
Doing or believing in different things than most.
Sarah is unique.
Beküldő: Larry 2003. szeptember 21.
308 91
When your rallying a chick on the beach and you accidently slip out and your dong hits the sand and you are too caught up in the moment and stick it back in.
no example,, its just The Angry Pelican.
Beküldő: Larry 2004. szeptember 29.
181 67
da buffest gals u can get.
fine booty big tits and sweet
damn dat latina is fine!!!!!!
Beküldő: larry 2003. október 2.
241 142
#1. Word used to describe something that is the exact opposite of good.

#2. Word used to describe someone you really hate because they are much more than just annoying.

#3. Word used to describe someone who has some talent or intelligence or privilage that you are jealous of.
#1. The holocaust was evil

#2. I hate my math teacher so much. She's EVIL!

#3. That is one beautiful piece of artwork, you have so much talent. You're evil!
Beküldő: Larry 2004. április 8.
183 96