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4 definitions by kurt cobain

"What else can I say?
Everyone is gay." - Kurt Cobain
Beküldő: Kurt Cobain 2005. március 13.
an enemy of a scally/townie/chav. never get along. a mosha is a lot easyier to understand and talk to. will no pretned to be 'ard'. they have a great taste in music with contains bands like nirvana, red hot chili peppers, blink 182, greenday and many more great bands. they usually wear black hoods (usually with the design of a particular band they like) baggie jeans and sometimes chains. they can have long hair or short hair. like to be left alone and kept to themselves.
scally: oi u long aired twat
mosha: shut the fuck up u fat bastard.
scally: u startin? im gonna batta ya
*fight starts*
mosha plants flag through scallys head!
Beküldő: kurt cobain 2004. december 23.
opposite of whitehat , a black hat is a "hacker" that does not "work" for money but for what he belives in, or just for fun...
Everytime a blackhat turns into a whitehat , god kills 3 kitten
Beküldő: kurt cobain 2004. augusztus 1.
Kevin Brown`s breath!
Kevin,goddammit, brush your teeth they smell like nuts!
Beküldő: Kurt Cobain 2003. június 16.