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3 definitions by jools

A person of lower social class who's main role in life is to make tea for their piers. Usual female but can be male the "tea bitch" has little or nothing useful to say about anything other than making tea. Katie and Elaine are the definitive tea bitches!
Get the kettle on tea bitch!
Beküldő: Jools 2004. március 4.
To kotch, to laze about, kill time, hang out.
Oh, I kotched in the phonebox until Lauren came.
Beküldő: jools 2003. július 11.
Noun, one who sucks wieners for a living (usually male and under 18).
Dude, check out the jiggajizakes over by the docks.
Beküldő: jools 2003. március 15.