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9 definitions by jin

An anime, and card game that is just bogus. I knew some dumbass just had to rip-off yui-gi-oh. But OMG this sux horribly. The main char of the anime resembles Yugi to much. Though I do reconize the voice actor.
Shobu: I summon Bulshock dragon

Yugi: Can you believe this guy?
Beküldő: JIn 2004. október 17.
13 7
mera chand kitna piyara hai
aur apni ammi ka raj dulara hai
baray pyar kay saath is ko dharti per utara hai
Beküldő: Jin 2003. szeptember 22.
20 14
Best rapper of all time, best freestyler of all time.
"Did you hear the new dj b4 cd...that shit is cold"
Beküldő: jin 2004. december 14.
6 1
one badass motherfucker. dont fuck wit kastro man..he makes nigguhs eat his ass wit spoons.
rot-kastro is one badass mofo
Beküldő: jin 2003. május 1.
7 5
N. A special technique in Counterstrike where you shoot through the wall while not being able to see your enemy, but you shoot for no reason anyway which resultsin killing him.
n00b: You f*cking h4x0r, how the f*ck did you kill me? how did you know I was there?

rand00m: random.
Beküldő: jin 2004. február 14.
2 3
he live in Canada.he likes to play CS
Beküldő: Jin 2003. szeptember 30.
0 1
1. The act of working yourself to Orgasm

2. Some really cool word to use to impress people.
1. Leave me alone, I'm in the act of orgasmation.

2 Dude, I watched the discovery channel, and it was just so orgasmation you wouldn't believe it!
Beküldő: Jin 2004. augusztus 17.
1 4