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4 definitions by jayson

Commonly refers to twentysomething, Jetta-driving, generally vacant, spoiled blonde girls living in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood (they're everywhere). So common it borders on pathetic.
Look at that little (Lincoln Park) trixie.
Beküldő: jayson 2003. december 30.
A white character who is constanly made fun of by certain individuals. ( strong bad )
Homestarrunner got punched in the face by strong bad
Beküldő: jayson 2003. április 18.
Ultimately Confusded, Baffled, Lost, or Iggnorant,
Im all Confustigated n' shit.
Beküldő: Jayson 2003. november 12.
My Wife.
Me and Bugsy had the BEST honeymoon.
Beküldő: Jayson 2003. augusztus 29.