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long island expressway
people fuck on the sevice roads nigga!
welcome to my cockle
Beküldő: James Thurmus 2003. július 15.
arnold yeahhhh....
Beküldő: James Thurmus 2003. október 12.
the process of sticking your penis or penis substitute into the ear of a submitted partner.
try it
Beküldő: james thurmus 2003. július 1.
a fat person, that has very chubby disgusting fat legs, who cant walk, yet can wobble, and always says its hot out.
Hey Miljkela did you see that fat file fuck at the ice cream store, "yea his body is gross, and sweaty but i will ask him if i can suck off his mommy.
Beküldő: James Thurmus 2003. július 1.
that thing the docor gives you when he squeezes your fuck balls, and you dranch the cup with spermeys
i missed exploding in the jizz cup, insted i hit nurse R.N. Qutorious in the fucking ass neck.
Beküldő: james thurmus 2003. július 11.
s chinese assplnt
lemt lt lick my cack
Beküldő: james thurmus 2003. július 11.
i was born in the money shot, load upon my brow, i frown looking keenly throughout thy name.
pump pump pull...ohhhh......all over your moms fuck sac
Beküldő: James Thurmus 2003. szeptember 25.
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