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A way to call a VolksWagen Beetle.
I love bugs, They are so cute! (Girl's point of view)
Beküldő: James Bond 2002. október 18.
1. German car company.
2. Bavarian Motor Works.
3. The Ultimate Driving Machine
Damn! The BMW Z8 kicks Mercedes's Ass!
Beküldő: James Bond 2002. október 18.
When one gets arroused and off by bike parts
Brian Howey stop bikegasming over my bike magazine
Beküldő: James Bond 2005. január 28.
A way to call a Ford Mustang.
My friend bought a Stang last year.
Beküldő: James Bond 2002. október 18.
The period during which war heads and decoys are released during the last stage of a ballistic missle.
I was walking my dog when a post-boost phase... occured.
Beküldő: James Bond 2004. május 13.
to make out softly then to
will you kss him when he comes over
Beküldő: james bond 2004. április 4.
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