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13 definitions by jacon (jay-son)

The fireman's helmet; the head of the penis; the red, sensitive part near the tip: the part that if you lick it hard enough will make your man cum.
Tom nibbled and licked Greg's glans until Greg squealed.
Beküldő: Jacon (jay-son) 2003. augusztus 23.
311 148
A small wooden container two chambers, for a marijuana pipe, (bat), and weed stash. Preferred by mature, discriminating potheads.
I carry my weed in a teak dugout
Beküldő: Jacon (jay-son) 2003. augusztus 23.
265 151
A popular term for a front-end loading marijuana pipe known also as a bat.
Take a puff off my hitter.
Beküldő: Jacon (jay-son) 2003. augusztus 23.
120 43
Alt spelling for whoopee. It means fucking.
Matt and John made whoopie all night
Beküldő: Jacon (jay-son) 2003. augusztus 23.
101 31
Ampersand: a stylized, contractual form of the Latin word "et". Many people incorrectly substitute this symbol for the English word and. Although the Latin word "et" does mean "and", it is improper to substitute "&" for "and". Bad, bad grammar.

In combination with the Roman charater 'c', i.e., "&c." it means et cetera, (etc.).
I went shopping, to the bookstore, &c.
Beküldő: Jacon (jay-son) 2003. szeptember 12.
124 70
a short ignoramus of a wrestler with little green electronic eyes, boxing gloves for hands, and is such an absorbing form of entertainment that you'ld rather starve to death than leave the computer before you finish reading his e-mail
Holy crap, Strongbad is the coolest!
Beküldő: Jacon (jay-son) 2003. augusztus 22.
55 21
a gathering of swingers where house or car keys are exchanged to determine who fucks who
I took Bill's wife home from the key party last night. My wife could take lessons from that righteous bitch!
Beküldő: Jacon (jay-son) 2003. augusztus 23.
383 354