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9 definitions by iq

flashy or gaudy jewelry, named for the sound generated when worn.
"Oh shit I forgot my bling!"
Beküldő: iq 2002. december 2.
818 320
overlooked; forgotten, ignored.
"He slept on the cd so i scooped that shit up."
Beküldő: iq 2002. december 2.
131 24
v. to smoke marijuana; become high, intoxicated from.
"I had to get blowed before i chilled with my grandma."
Beküldő: iq 2002. december 2.
37 6
Quote from sci-fi author Ted Sturgeon.
"Sure 90% of science fiction is crud. 90% of everything is crud."

Usually used as 90% of everything is crap.
Man, why are this summer's movies so bad?
Sturgeon's Law.
Beküldő: iq 2003. június 19.
30 5
the point of origin; esp. a household.
"Let's take it to the lab so i can meditate."
Beküldő: iq 2002. december 2.
29 25
An abbreviation of the phrase "cream ur pants"
also usedmy pants" as a shortened version of "creamed
Emma : OMG Tom is so hot-i think Im gonna cup :S

Rach : Yeah I think I just cupped too
Beküldő: IQ 2006. április 8.
13 21
adj. completed easily, layed back.
"That battle was pretty casual dog."
Beküldő: iq 2002. december 2.
10 30