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Mastered is a term used in the music and audio industries. It is usually a song that is in or at its final stage before mass production or sells.

A mastered song is a single stereo track that has been finalized by a mastering engineer who uses his skills, technique and gear to bring the life out of a mix. Fatten it up, making it full and thick at the same time bringing out certain parts in the mix. example - vocals.
hey be sure the mix has at least 3dB of headroom before we send it out to get mastered. He will bitch if has no headroom to work with
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Beküldő: impsick 2007. augusztus 30.
originated in prison. roll dog, or rode dog (as some say it), is your boy from your area, thats down, and has your back. you dont want to get caught up alone in there.
someone you roll with, or ride with.
"who's that Sick?" "ah thats my roll dog Lucky"
#bro #homeboy #friend #brother #nigga
Beküldő: impsick 2006. november 27.
(ne oh kon) derived from the Greek prefix Neos and transitive verb Con.

1. New age / new ways of spreading false, misleading or untrue information.
A. New age liar
B. New ways to convince others of untrue information for means of profit.
C. New age fake
Fox news are a bunch of neo-cons that could care less about America.
#neo-conservative #neo-nazi #bush #oil #greed #u.s. government #neocon
Beküldő: impsick 2008. január 5.
The state at which a multi track song is blended together, and skillfully "mixed" down to a single stereo track. Taking into account frequency placement, phase, headroom, and distortion. A mix is a pre-final version of a song before it is mastered.
It takes good ears, skills, years of practice, and your own unique style to lay down a good mix. Many things must be taken into account when your squishing 24 or 99 tracks of audio into a single stereo track. Equalization is a key factor.
your mix is too muddy bro, lay off the compression a bit to open up the mix. Also rather then boosting eq try cutting. Always start by cutting it will save your mix from unwanted noise.
#mixed down #track #stereo track #song #mix tape
Beküldő: impsick 2007. augusztus 30.
this term is used by convicts from california, refering to it as the last gate you walk through to freedom.
"hey dog when you getting out the gate?"
#release date #s.e. date #sentance ending date #freedom #paroled #s time
Beküldő: impsick 2006. november 27.
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