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6 definitions by illest

When jumping in to the sea from a peddle boat.
When eating a kebab. The dude always says "yes boss".
Fancy a yes boss by here?
"Can I have Chilli sauce?"
"yes boss"
Beküldő: illest 2004. január 25.
When driving past another car when there's not enough room for both of you.
You give the other car scrapings
"I'll fucking scrape you butt!"
Beküldő: illest 2004. január 31.
Banter, someone who isn't hard. Kevin James.
Kev, you pussy leaf. You aint that hard.
Beküldő: illest 2004. január 25.
If something is nice. It can be nice dez.
How is that ganja?
Nice Dez
Beküldő: illest 2004. január 25.
A king amoung mere mortals. Someone who owns the football pitch. Good looking, charming with a air of debonair.
Webbo you rock!
Beküldő: illest 2004. január 25.
Mojo is related to a man's drive.
Sexual drive, My mojo is raging for that girl. Get the Mojo Flowing prime example of Mojo
Beküldő: illest 2004. november 1.