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3 definitions by i to the an

to see something , to watch some thing happen ... or imagine it to happen
wouldnt it be funny to viddy that little kid get hit by the bus chris,
Beküldő: i to the an 2005. október 2.
46 23
gurnee way to say getting drunk!!
megan, chris david and ian all got schawilled out after school

man were fucking schwilled out lets go smoke a clove
Beküldő: i to the an 2005. szeptember 14.
13 2
the act of renting a room for the night just to drink , sleep , smoke, and swim there.
ian, david, chris, abby, nichole and zach all went to the hotel to do some schwillteling.

that was the best schwillteling ever sept i couldnt stay god damit!!
Beküldő: i to the an 2005. október 2.
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