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8 definitions by hunky

ITS A POPULAR term--in many parts of the world---
to describe a 6 yr old and down to infant..
of african descent.

sometimes used instead of NIGBY..
they dont call them pickaninny's any more.
the little knappy head infants are called NIGLETS
Beküldő: hunky 2007. április 26.
74 34
the new politically correct word to replace the n word.
especially for the under 10 yrs old children.
if your mama hustles main street,
and your daddys doing time,
you are a nigby.
Beküldő: hunky 2006. december 6.
26 15
decendants of a central african kingdom
looks like he is a ubangee from central africa
Beküldő: hunky 2006. december 6.
25 19
tribal group thats lives east of the ubangee tribe.
first of the official jungle bunnies..
look at that humping and jumping like they are watusi
Beküldő: hunky 2006. december 12.
12 8
most african americans work hard and are good citizens..---
--they are not the NIG gers that some people call them..---
// yet they are not the CosBY family on tv///

hence i deem the lower socio economic children of afr. amer.
as NIGBYS---
especially the under 7 yrs group..
look at the little "nigby" play..
you can tell its their own people who hold them back.
i tell you the nigby's sucess will be mostly determined
by enviorment, not heredity..

if your mama hustles main street and your daddys doing time-
its a good chance you are white trash baby, or a nigby.
Beküldő: hunky 2006. november 18.
5 4
a tribe from central afica
them watusi are large spear chuckers
Beküldő: hunky 2006. december 18.
10 10
ancestral home of the american nigby's
no one in the ghetto knows their ancestral home is nigerria,
not the plantation.
Beküldő: hunky 2006. november 15.
14 21