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38 definitions by hipster

verb: to "kill" someone - literally or figuratively
"if you ever bring up my ex's name around my current squeeze again.....so help me dude, I WILL flatline you!"

"I heard one of the perps got flatlined by the cops at that liquor store robbery last night."
Beküldő: Hipster 2006. november 18.
200 74
delayed or postponed
we're gonna put the plans for the new place on ice for a little while.
Beküldő: hipster 2004. november 19.
159 35
an expression implying that a conclusion about someone or something has yet to be reached.
hipster: "Is this dude for real? I mean, either he's psycho, or just plain stupid."

tipster: "I dunno man....think the jury's still out on that one."
Beküldő: hipster 2003. november 16.
128 13
a situation in which any problems, difficulties or worries can be avoided
after members of the staff cashed in their winning lottery ticket, they were suddenly on easy street, which enabled them to yell "fuck you!" to their prick boss and quit their miserable, minimum wage jobs.
Beküldő: hipster 2004. január 18.
170 60
the hair surrounding a girl's pussy, though there doesn't have to be a lot of it; often a nice trimmed bush can be classified as a pelt.
I love to brush Holly's soft pelt gently with my face and lips before giving her the full tongue treatment, this gets her all hot and wet so she'll be ready when I dive in for the kill!
Beküldő: Hipster 2007. augusztus 21.
128 19
1. to put off or delay

2. to leave things as they are; to not
change or disturb a situation.
1. I paid huge interest on the phone
bill cause I let it slide for too

2. I wouldn't fight over something
that stupid, best just to let it
Beküldő: hipster 2004. július 6.
116 10
describing something thats done inexpensively or on a tight budget
when we went on vacation in Europe a few years ago, we did it on the cheap, staying in hostels and biking around wearing our backpacks.
Beküldő: hipster 2004. június 8.
114 9