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4 definitions by flipzro

the act of farting while under a traumatic stress. farting while scared.
"Hey susie, you feerted just now cus i scared u ahahah"
Beküldő: flipzro 2006. december 2.
one of african american decent that practices the jewish faith.
"yo meng tyrone ur such a nijew meng take that yamika off nigga"
Beküldő: flipzro 2006. december 2.
The originator(inventor) of modern day plexiglass, who lived during the era of the roman empire.
yo that nigga plexonimus made that glass bullet proof, now i cant cap those trick niggas through they windows, i should kill that nigga..
Beküldő: flipzro 2007. szeptember 5.
negotiations between those of african decent.
yo mah nig we bouts to have dem nigocio up in the toke yard yall better be there.
Beküldő: flipzro 2007. július 26.