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5 definitions by flameboy

"tetten" is dutch for "breasts"
-Wow gij hebt dikke tetten!
(-Wow you have big breasts)
Beküldő: Flameboy 2003. október 28.
A very poor and shit high school which lacks funding
Shit Onehunga high school is shit and it smells funny
Beküldő: flameboy 2005. április 30.
Very cool.
Also known as a World Industriles Character
Flameboy is god flameboy is cool
Beküldő: flameboy 2005. április 30.
sollygod is a god by the name of solly
oh sollygod your so great! lead us to the nearest internet cafe
Beküldő: flameboy 2005. április 30.
Anachism is a being free and rejecting all forms of control. To live in a world of anarchist is not a world of war nor peace. It is a world of humans where no one is perfect. Anarchism rejects all forms of religon and the control which limits our ability to be unique and to truely be ourselves.
anarchism is not about fighting the government. its about fighting for yourself, but not against each other
Beküldő: Flameboy 2005. június 21.