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to tell a moaning person to shut up and that you dont care.
your cat got ran over and your giro is late, Cry me a river love!
Beküldő: filth 2003. április 23.
drinking to have confidance
he'' need a bit of dutch courage to takle her!
Beküldő: filth 2003. április 23.
A drunk person, a foot and a half shorter than you, which when provoked, smashes you in the face with full beer bottle.
you bes shut the fuck up befor I Nagel yo ass

That dude got Nageled

What a Nageling
Beküldő: filth 2004. január 7.
to wind in ones turkey neck.
to tell a person to stop conmplaining and moaning.
wind it in love!
Beküldő: filth 2003. április 23.
combinations of smells, consists of butt and pussy into one
your breath smells like budussi..
Beküldő: FILTH 2003. november 26.
an old slapper
she's got rusty bikes and all sorts up her, the old rust bucket!
Beküldő: filth 2003. április 23.
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