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Short for "let me". Not discovered by this person. Actually renowned everywhere. When some people say let me, it comes out as "lemme" instead.
Hey, "lemme" pay you back tomorrow, OK?
Beküldő: erik 2005. március 13.
verb; to eat hastily, with zeal
I'm going to gruffle some mad Domino's.
Beküldő: erik 2004. november 23.
a word used in the beatles hit song 'i am the walrus'
i am the eggman
they are the eggmen
i am the walrus
goo goo g'joob
Beküldő: erik 2004. szeptember 8.
the act of crossing the index and middle fingers and inserting them into a woman's vagina with a deep thrust.
she never called me back after i gave her the twizzler last week.
Beküldő: erik 2003. október 7.
asian sauce, made from horseraddish. usually rather spicy
yo that wassabi is hot
Beküldő: erik 2005. január 30.
another word for Oxy Contin
Did you get them O.C.'s from the pharmacy last night?
Beküldő: Erik 2003. november 28.
To give additional performance.
The audiance demanded a lot of Encore.
Beküldő: Erik 2004. augusztus 12.
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