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3 definitions by ea

An alcoholic drink Captain Morgan's PArrot Bay. Has got to be one of the best drinks on the planet
Damn those people must have a date with the Captain tonight.
Beküldő: EA 2005. április 25.
off the team.. out of here
damn yo hoe ugly.. that shits cut!
Beküldő: ea 2003. november 30.
An invertibrate, predator with 8 legs, and 2 longer legs on the side, they live in the water and well, eat stuff...
-Also they taste good when baked, breaded, with just a little bit of crabmeat....

-pretty inexpensive, if you buy them on ice, and then gut, and clean them out for the ink though
-If they ever find the illusive giant squid, I hope they make the illusive giant Calamari
Beküldő: ea 2004. június 9.