41 definitions by chrissy

to take Ecstasy orally.
I dropped like 2 pills an hour ago and I'm rolling balls!!!
Beküldő: Chrissy 2004. május 9.
Mint- Class, Brill, smashing,
That was Mint,
I saw this really MINT film at the weekend
Beküldő: Chrissy 2004. december 23.
A little slice of heaven nestled in between Gaithersburg, Rockville and Olney.
All the cool kids live in derwood.
Beküldő: Chrissy 2004. november 14.
the Best and Hottest Actor in the world i could dohim all day long!
I could do him until he can't do it anymore
Beküldő: Chrissy 2004. március 22.
A person who sniffs butts.
Beküldő: Chrissy 2005. március 11.
peoples who think that they are cool cus they can make fun of other peoples like them...you are all the same
You are such a "poser punk" for putting up definitions.
Beküldő: chrissy 2004. február 4.
Laughing My Fucking Fat Ass Off!
After that bitch tried to pull my hair I was LMFFAO!(im not really fat) LOL
Beküldő: Chrissy 2004. január 2.

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