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Lazy way of saying Please
Kaylee: Will you plez pass me the beans mom?
Mom: What did you just say?!
#please #pleaz #s'il vous plez #thank you #tank you
Beküldő: chris doberstein 2008. július 22.
Generally, it is a person who ressembles a ratty homeless person but who in fact in fairly well off.
Though Gail was a good teacher many people mistook her for homeless and poor because she was a ratface
#homeless #clothes #rat face #ratty #poor
Beküldő: chris doberstein 2008. július 22.
A expression used to annoy religious people. Since Mlodz is a synonym for the devil, this expression is the opposite of saying "For God's sake!"
Chris: For Mlodz Sake! This line is sooooo long!
Britney: How dare you say that!!!
Chris: Bitch Please!
#mlodz #devil #god #religion #synonyms
Beküldő: chris doberstein 2007. november 23.
Crossbreed of a Troll and a Gorilla. Used commonly in an insulting manner towards people who ressemble sasquatches.
Two sisters are hiking in a forest.
Emma: Oh my god Megan, I think I see the Sasquatch, quick, take a picture!
Megan: Emma, calm down, it's just a Grolla.
#gorilla #troll #sasquatch #granola #crossbreed
Beküldő: chris doberstein 2009. november 8.
A mixture of HEIFER and EFFING. It's used as an addition to the adjective EFFING when it refers to a LARGE person.
Ariel is one HEIFFING annoying idiot.
#effing #heifer #heff #large #efff
Beküldő: chris doberstein 2009. december 3.
A manifestation of three hideous animals. These animals combined form a beast so vile, heartless, and cruel that it will destroy the world.
Earl: OMG we're all gonna die. Pig Lizard Dragon is on a rampage.
Annie: We have to save the children. THE CHILDREN!
Edna: Yeah Yeah shut ur yap.
#pig #lizard #dragon #beast #destruction
Beküldő: chris doberstein 2008. július 22.
another word for penis.
Josh has a big sea monster and sadly Matt doesn't.
#penis #cock #whoa nelly #hey girl hey #genital
Beküldő: chris doberstein 2008. július 22.
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