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65 definitions by charles

a gay bitch, an huge gay dick
damn that shit is bussey!
Beküldő: Charles 2005. április 18.
15 26
1.adj another word for asshole
1. The schenely boy never did know how to take a good deed the right way.
Beküldő: Charles 2005. január 25.
4 16
English butchered, both in spelling and grammar, by someone from east Asia.
Person from east Asian having butchered both by speling and in grammar language of english.
Beküldő: Charles 2003. október 26.
42 54
Meaning to Ejackulate, to nut(sperm) in some ones face
Ay Yo, I'm goin to paint shot pro this gurl.. Gurl U think its time, <gurl> Jus paint shot pro on me
Beküldő: Charles 2003. július 17.
4 17
My, Kerri and Ally favourite way to pass a Monday morning. We all love walking through town with ink on our faces!
Charles:*Draws on Kerris face with a pen*
Kerri: TURD! *Draws on Charles Arm*
Ally: *Joins in*
Beküldő: Charles 2005. április 19.
5 20
n. Cocaine
I heard Tim's been doing a lot of chino.
Beküldő: Charles 2004. február 12.
14 29
see democrat
We need to round up all the liberals and send them to a far off place.
Beküldő: charles 2004. február 15.
7 23