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n) a night in which the males penis begins hard but by the end of the night is softened
damn, last night was one of those spaghetti nights.
Beküldő: charles 2003. december 8.
New England, Ohio...

Jesus Christ
Criminatley! I just got pwned!
Beküldő: Charles 2004. december 15.
To make impure by contact with bodily sexual fluids

also used as cumtaminated, cumtaminating
Don't use "that" towel, it is cumtaminated
Beküldő: Charles 2004. december 8.
The verbal pronounciation of LMFAO!!!

copyrite by SARS.Got.Milk? nah im just kidding.
Beküldő: Charles 2004. december 1.
Tears apart human souls and devours them while eat wood with his arms.
RAWR i have eaten your soul
Beküldő: charles 2004. március 8.
Act or pretending to be like Charles
You want to Hyojiggy with it?
Beküldő: Charles 2003. június 13.
puerto rican dish(delicious). bold and sassy in demeanor. a real sultry and delicious presence. an eye teasing quality, tho more so in attitude.
I mean like damn son, dat bitch gots crazy mofungo, word up, my shits all sorts of wanting to tap dat...mmm, for real...mmm...like mmm...dass nice kid
Beküldő: charles 2005. február 13.
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