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3 definitions by bt geek

Creative genious and EDM pioneer. Also well respected as a film score composer. General musical God.

oh, and he's not a DJ!;)
"check out the crazy ass stutter edits on this new BT track"
Beküldő: bt geek 2004. március 31.
sound designer and producer of most excellent tunes.

takes alot of his inspiration from sheep
"Arksun, get out of that field"
Beküldő: bt geek 2004. április 27.
main supplier of Swedish chocolate into the UK

Artist of brilliant doodles...should get a feature at the Tate modern soon

general nice guy!:)
Omtijs, I DIE, my parcel from Hoya has arrived! :P
Beküldő: bt geek 2004. május 27.