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9 definitions by booga

Chilling in the best way possible
"I'm just maxin, relaxin, it aint too taxin!"
Beküldő: Booga 2003. december 15.
269 51
Limozeen also released the totally awesome song "nite mamas" on the Strong Bad CD
so buy it now!
Beküldő: Booga 2003. december 15.
17 6
The greatest, most totally awesome guy ever. Singer of such great songs as "Let's make believe that we're in love (so I can break up with you)" and "You've got an ugly butt and a stupid butt"
Oh's-a Stwong-Baaaaaaadddd!
Beküldő: Booga 2003. december 15.
7 3
when u r in a hurry to look at porn this is what u spell on accident; also an australian gang or something
i typed in poussy when i was looking at porn
Beküldő: booga 2005. március 2.
27 24
purple helmet warrior
the boys were getting a little out of hand, so I slapped them with my purple helmet warrior!
Beküldő: booga 2003. november 10.
0 2
Magazine available in the UK which encourages the activities of "riceboys" and shows pictures of cheap, small engined hatchback cars with tacky and tasteless modifications.
"yeah, mate. I spray painted the bumpers yesterday and put a max power sticker on it, now my car goes 10mph faster, honest"
Beküldő: Booga 2003. december 15.
18 21
abbreviated name for the car known as a Nissan Bluebird.
Often used in banger racing.
Booga blew up his 2 litre bluey
Beküldő: Booga 2003. december 15.
3 8