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11 definitions by big bear

That's all u get if you're in prison. 3 hot meals and a cot to sleep on. That's all playa
When u go to jail, son, all u get is 3 hots and a cot
Beküldő: Big Bear 2003. június 16.
277 78
those nasty red sores or crusty lookin red bumps near the mouth. nasty as hell. cold sores.
dont kiss him he got herpes yuck
Beküldő: big bear 2005. február 25.
257 193
little pieces of shit that comes back up the toilet when u drop a wide load
"Look in my ass and smell the STUNK NUGGETS!!" - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Beküldő: Big Bear 2003. augusztus 6.
44 13
the greatest fucking rapper who ever came on the scene since eminem
Beküldő: Big Bear 2003. szeptember 2.
121 117
good polite way of calling someone a douchebag
Beküldő: Big Bear 2003. július 15.
14 11
To take a shower, to wash
"hey Bro, before we hit sights, I am gonna Ocean up
Beküldő: Big Bear 2005. március 1.
2 1
A male who is prone to a penial state of flacidness after a long night of alcohol consumption; one who suffers from whiskey-dick
That chazkel couldn't get it up for Paris Hilton if he had to.
Beküldő: Big Bear 2004. december 9.
1 1