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A slang term in professional wrestling first used by the Iron Sheik and then again later by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. It is derived from the word jobber, which is someone who routinely loses, or "does the job".
The Rock says, "Know your role and shut your mouth, jabroni!"
Beküldő: beau99 2010. május 3.
The gay Teletubby.
Tinky-Winky is gay!
Beküldő: beau99 2004. június 9.
A song released by Soul Coughing in 1998 describing how it feels to be high on ecstasy.
"I'm rolling, I'm rolling, I'm rolling, uh."
Beküldő: beau99 2009. május 5.
A sarcastic way of saying smart.
I just learned how to use the search function! I R Smrat!
Beküldő: beau99 2004. június 9.
Term referring to something not particularly useful that has very high cost of upkeep.
Famous white elephants include Olympic Stadium in Montreal, the former Millennium Dome in London and the Concorde jet.
Beküldő: beau99 2010. április 26.
The ghetto part of San Diego that P.O.D. mentions in their songs.
Here in the Southtown, you know the kid don't play.
Beküldő: beau99 2004. június 11.
The biggest message board dedicated to Evanescence.
I'm a member of evboard.com.
Beküldő: beau99 2004. június 9.

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